In spring 2014 His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited The Netherlands for a 2-day visit. The Global Leaders Academy organized “Education of the Heart” at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. This conference was visited by 500 educational professionals. His Holiness shared his vision on the future of education.

Off the record questions!

During his extensive speech attendees were raising many questions. Partly related to the subject, but as it goes with ‘celebrities’, attendees were curious about other things too. I had the privilege to interview him , about how he looked at education worldwide. His answers proclaimed a system in which childeren are foremost trained on how to deal with social challenges, rather than only learn sec knowledge. Something he calls “education of the heart”. On the question “What is your favorite memory about your childhood schoolperiod”, he answered “my holidays!”.

© Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University | Photography Chris Gorzeman