In his role as sidekick, Robert represents “the voice of the audience”. He collects audience feedback on his tablet and from here he selects the most interesting, critical and funny questions and puts them forward to speakers and panels. As such he supports the chairman with audience interaction and helps speakers bringing their message across as clear as possible. With Robert’s support, you’re able to cleverly tap into the wisdom of the crowd!


Contemporary communication

“A contemporary way of communicating, doesn’t only mean to give stage to your speakers, but to your audience as well. In an online era, we’re very used to sharing, but why stop doing so once we’re offline? Through Sendsteps technology an audience is able to react via smartphone. In my role as sidekick, I’ve seen many meetings change directions: critical responses come forward clearer and quicker and the message of a speaker is better received because questions are answered more tailor-made. By cleverly tapping into the knowledge and experience available, you’ll add value for everyone. Plus, it’s fun: Enliven your event and start the dialogue!”


C’est le ton qui fait la musique

“Through the contribution of the sidekick, you also allow larger audiences to speak up. To many organizations this can be kind of exciting: “What if questions are raised about sensitive topics?”. That’s why I use pre-event meetings to explore the sentiment present. This doesn’t mean that I censor replies, but in the moment, I then know how to constructively package critical replies and forward these to the stage. I have a diplomatic mindset. Yet, I’m slightly stubborn too. Like in that moment where I asked His Holiness the Dalai Lama if ever he wears jeans. Would you dare to ask him?’

Hans Poortvliet | Board Member at HotelloTOP:
“Thanks for your performance during HotelloTOP; the way you do this is fantastic! And when I say that I mean every word of it! Your way of communicating is clear, humorous, stylish, and is with respect to all of the participants and their input: To-tal-ly perfect!”
Elise de Haan | Communications Advisor at KPN:
“Our sidekick Robert pulled off a magnificent feat. Great concept, this assists the speaker in a light-minded and humorous way.”
Rob Oudkerk | President at De Transformatiefabriek:
“In my experience as debate leader at the Dutch Doctor Congress in Maastricht, it appeared Robert contributed very valuable to the dynamics and enthusiasm within the audience. Very much recommended!”