Robert Daverschot is a talented chairman with years of experience on stages at home and abroad. A professional who knows how to genuinely listen. Somebody who gets to the core by asking the right questions at the right moment. Robert uses Sendsteps technology to let audiences vote on multiple choice questions and to send in questions to speakers and panels on stage. He always fosters a pleasant, engaged atmosphere for both speakers and audiences. And always humor guaranteed!


Smooth Sailing

“I consider chairmanship as teamwork. For many professionals, it isn’t a daily routine to organize an event. Many interests need to be covered. Think of generating awareness for a specific challenge, getting the support for a new strategy or maintaining important relations. That’s why in an early stage I work together with clients to get acquainted with the culture and atmosphere of an organization, to formulate the goals of an event and to tailor the program. I like to think along and often notice how much trust is given to me. Such a smooth sail!”


Dare to ask

“Its the diversity of themes, organizations and groups, which makes my work as chairman so very inspiring. Then a dialogue about diversity at a large consultancy, or talking about the gap between citizens and their local government at a municipal authority, and then again, a discussion between entrepreneurs active in the food industry.


My strength lies within facilitating the process. My magic? Listening! It’s one of the reasons why I’ve started doing this work. Countless influences, loud voices and simple one-liners often distract us from the essence: that what really makes the difference. I’m curious about “why we do things, as we do them” and like to think along in the effect of our actions. With me, “Dare to ask” isn’t just a simple hashtag, or a one-trick pony, but a way to critically question people, organizations and themes and, with a dash of humor, to connect them.”


Type of meetings and events?

With Robert’s broad experience at home and abroad, he can support you with your:

  • Events for suppliers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Congresses
  • Symposiums
  • [Election] debates
  • Workshops and courses
Erik Swelheim | CFO at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:
“Robert Daverschot facilitated the yearly KLM Financial Controllers event and really contributed to the improved interaction with the participants. On top of that Robert is an experienced moderator, highly skilled to interview people.“
Fritha Knudsen | Executive Producer & Creative Director:
“I had the pleasure of working with Robert during Fresh 2014 in Copenhagen. Robert’s keen analysis, facilitation and charming interaction with the panel and audience elicited quick and insightful discussion and results. It was a highly productive session!”
Dave Sharp | Reporter at BBC News:
“I had the pleasure of working with Robert at the European Meeting and Events Conference 2015 in Krakow. It was great to have his support. I can’t wait to work with Robert again!!”