Chairman. Moderator. Sidekick.

On stage Robert interviewed ministers, subject experts and captains of industry. He even interviewed His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Yet he always involves the audience. Robert’s belief of “an event being as good as its audience”, always makes him find ways to engage with the attendees. To hear their experience. Their perspective.

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What clients say

Erik Swelheim | CFO at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:
“Robert Daverschot facilitated the yearly KLM Financial Controllers event and really contributed to the improved interaction with the participants. On top of that Robert is an experienced moderator, highly skilled to interview people.“
Manuel de Vasconcelos | GM at Le Meridien Monaco: “We've only been receiving compliments about the entire program. Everyone enjoyed the interactivity through you, thank you so much for the great job you did at the conference!”
Rutger Bremer | Director at Momice:
“ I relived the event another 100 times and I really find you've done a great job. The right questions in the right manner, how you took the lead at the right moments. Everyone accepted you very easily and therefore opened up more. Exactly as we've hoped for, but that you did really well.“
Fritha Knudsen | Executive Producer & Creative Director:
“I had the pleasure of working with Robert during Fresh 2014 in Copenhagen. Robert’s keen analysis, facilitation and charming interaction with the panel and audience elicited quick and insightful discussion and results. It was a highly productive session!”
Elly van Wenum | CDA Councilor at City of Dordrecht:
“Robert, you handled those sensitive discussions splendidly. Despite the heavy theme, you’ve managed to make people feel comfortable and to engage them into the conversation within a friendly atmosphere.”
Hans Poortvliet | Board Member at HotelloTOP:
“Thanks for your performance during HotelloTOP; the way you do this is fantastic! And when I say that I mean every word of it! Your way of communicating is clear, humorous, stylish, and is with respect to all of the participants and their input: To-tal-ly perfect!”
Elise de Haan | Communications Advisor at KPN:
“Our sidekick Robert pulled off a magnificent feat. Great concept, this assists the speaker in a light-minded and humorous way.”
Rob Oudkerk | President at De Transformatiefabriek:
“In my experience as debate leader at the Dutch Doctor Congress in Maastricht, it appeared Robert contributed very valuable to the dynamics and enthusiasm within the audience. Very much recommended!”
Michel Kolenbrander | Concept Developer at Born2Brand:
“I highly recommend Robert because of his enormous integrity, pleasant personality, professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity. Such a delight to do business with people that have their very own specialism!”
Dave Sharp | Reporter at BBC News:
“I had the pleasure of working with Robert at the European Meeting and Events Conference 2015 in Krakow. It was great to have his support. I can’t wait to work with Robert again!!”
Ronald van den Hoff | CEO at Seats2meet:
“During our 10-year anniversary Robert executed a splendid job as our chairman!”
Peter Luyendijk | Facility Manager at Salvation Army Rotterdam: “The day has been extremely useful for the team and has improved relationships among each other. It for sure contributed to the development of our department!”


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Sendsteps is a solution for audience interaction whereby attendees use their smartphone to respond. As such they can vote on polls, but they can also send in open comments, like questions to the speaker. Sendsteps is a PowerPoint add-in, meaning that audience feedback can be presented straight to the audience via the PowerPoint slide!


City of Amsterdam:
For the City of Amsterdam Robert chaired a meeting for 200 police men and municipal enforcement. The cooperation between both groups could further improve. At the start of the meeting, Robert interviewed the Mayor of Amsterdam and the Head of Police. A valuable discussion followed in which Robert fostered an atmosphere where professionals dared to speak up. The outcome helped the City of Amsterdam to further align both teams and to improve their service to society.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:
The theme of KLM’s yearly Controllers Day was “Make the Difference”. With a relative calm audience, Robert managed with help of Sendsteps technology, to boast the meeting. Much of the digital input were substantive questions to both guest speakers and speakers from within the organization. With his facilitation skills, Robert was able to let a knowledgeable audience, bring their meeting to a next level!

CNV Union:
The CNV, one of Holland’s largest unions, organized a meeting for its “Health and Welfare” chapter. Both daily management and union members discussed the challenge of how to attract a younger crowd. Over the course of the meeting, Robert helped to get a clearer picture on the organization’s unique selling points. With great output and outspoken commitment of their members, CNV was able to further finetune their strategy and decide on clever next steps.