Accountants reflecting on “Ethics”

POSTED ON12 Aug 2017 TIME TO READ0 minutes, 43 seconds

Accountant Day [INCLUDING video] | 1300 Accountants, financial professionals and -students reflecting on “ethics within the profession of accountants”.

In the midst of the financial crisis, the role of accountants got more and more under pressure. During the Dutch Accountant Day, organized by the NBA [a national association for accountants], several speakers reflected on the theme of “ethics” within this professional group. One of them being former politician Ms Femke Halsema [Green Left Alliance]. She presented the findings from a commission report about “ethics and the role of accountants”. About 1300 attendees were eager to hear the conclusions.

An interactive Q&A

After her presentation I interviewed her and even formulated polls on the spot, to check with the audience to what extend their views were in line with the findings of the report. It resulted not only in a lively dialogue, but with help of the Sendsteps polling technology, the commission also received instant feedback and valuable data from a large group of professionals.

Livestream backstage interview

With only limited speaking time, I afterwards interviewed Ms Halsema one-on-one with questions that remained unanswered during the live session. This short backstage interview was broadcasted live on the website of the event organizer NBA, making it possible for an online audience to stay in tune during the live event program.